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Dr Christina Skott

Dr Christina Skott

Fellow Commoner, Director of Studies in History & History and Politics, College Lecturer, Magdalene College

Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of History

Magdalene College

Cambridge CB3 0AG
Office Phone: +44 -(0)1223-332832


Kantor-organist degree, Sibelius Academy of Music, Helsinki, 1980.

Cand. Phil., Art history, University of Helsinki, 1984.

Mag. Phil., Art history & European history, University of Helsinki, 1986.

PhD, History, University of Cambridge, 2004.

Fellow & Tutor, Wolfson College, 2005-2016. 

Junior Proctor, University of Cambridge, 2012-2013.

Teaching (part time) : University of Helsinki (1984-86); Åbo Akademi, Finland  (1986-89); La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore (1994-1996); University of the Philippines, Diliman, Manila, the Philippines (1997); Birkbeck College, University of London (2005-2006).


Subject groups/Research projects

World History:

Departments and Institutes

Magdalene College:

Research Interests

The history of Southeast Asia, with a special focus on the Malay world;  early modern European expansion in Asia; cultural and scientific exchanges between Europe and Southeast  Asia; economic botany, colonial agriculture and ecology. 


  • ‘Empires and world history from the fifteenth century to the First World War’ (Part I, Paper 21)
  • Contributions to teaching for the Themes and Sources paper Religious Conversion and Colonialism, and to the MPhil course in World History
  • Supervision of undergraduate dissertations (Southeast Asia, European expansion in Asia in the long early modern era) 

Key Publications

'The Regio Femarum and its warrior women: Images and encounters in European sources', in Vina Lanzona & Tobias Rettig (eds.), Women warriors in Southeast Asia (Routledge, forthcoming, 2018).

Editor, Interpreting diversity: Europe and the Malay world (Routledge, 2017). 

‘A view from the Hill: Romantic imaginings and ‘Improvement’ in early Penang’, in Yeoh Seng Guan & Peter Zabielskis (eds.), Penang and its Networks of Knowledge  (Areca Books, 2017), pp. 104-130.

With Rotem Kowner, ’East Asians in Linnaean taxonomy: sources and implications of racial images’, in Rotem Kowner & Walter Demel (eds.), Race and Racism in Modern East Asia. Vol. II: Interactions, Nationalism, Gender and Lineage  (Brill: 2015), pp. 23-54.

Editor, special issue of Indonesia and the Malay world 42 (123), 2014; Editorial: 'Europe and the Malay World, pp. 129-140.

 'Linnaeus and the troglodyte: early European encounters with the Malay world and the natural history of man', in Indonesia and the Malay world 42 (123), 2014, pp. 141-169.

‘Expanding Flora's Empire. Linnaean science and the Swedish East India Company', in Kirsten McKenzie & Robert Aldrich (eds.), The Routledge History of Western Empires (Routledge, 2013), pp. 238-254.

’Ask about everything’: Clas Fredrik Hornstedt in Java, 1783-84’, in Tara Alberts & D. R. M. Irving (eds.), Intercultural Exchange in Southeast Asia: History and Society in the Early Modern World  (I. B. Tauris, 2013), pp. 161-202

'Climate, ecology and cultivation in early Penang', Proceedings of the PIO Conference, (2012), pp. 99-110.

‘Imagined centrality:  Sir Stamford Raffles and the birth of modern Singapore’, in Karl Hack & J-L Margolin (eds.) with Karine Delaye, Singapore from Temasek to the 21st century: Reinventing the Global City (Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, 2010), pp. 153-182.

‘The VOC and Swedish Natural history: the transmission of scientific knowledge in the eighteenth century’, in Siegfried Huigen et. al. (eds.), Dutch trading companies as knowledge networks, Intersections: Yearbook for Early Modern Studies, vol. 13 (Brill, 2010), pp. 361-392.

(As Christina Granroth),  Publ. & ed., C. F. Hornstedt,  En resa till Ostindien 1783-1786, with Patricia Berg & Maren Jonasson (Helsinki & Stockholm: Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland & Atlantis, 2008), 335pp. Articles:  ’En resa till Ostindien’, pp. 29-80; with Kees Rookmaaker: ’Han var mera egentlig zoolog än botanicus’, pp. 81-98.

‘Vasa Nation 1945-1983’,  in Den lyckliga nationen: Vasungar i hundra år (Helsinki, 2008), pp. 75-116.

‘Flora’s Apostles in the East Indies: Natural history, Carl Linnaeus and Swedish travel to Asia in the 18th century’, Review of Culture 21 (Macao, 2007), pp. 137-156.