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Professor Christine Carpenter

Professor Christine Carpenter
Faculty of History
West Road

Cambridge CB3 9EF

Research Interests

Professor Carpenter's research interests are in the political and constitutional history of England in the later middle ages (c. 1215-1509) and in the related subject of the political, social, economic, religious and cultural history of noble and gentry landowners in this period. Her work therefore encompasses the subjects of governance, politics and political culture and ideas, and also the relationships of late-medieval landowners with their families and tenantry, with each other, with their localities and with the crown. She is interested in placing both the constitution and the landowners of late-medieval England within their longer-term development from the Norman Conquest to the eighteenth century. The study of law and society in the later middle ages is an important element in her work. She is director of an AHRC-funded project to complete the calendaring of the fifteenth-century Inquisitions Post Mortem, and one of the editors of the Cambridge University Press Studies in Medieval Life and Thought and on other editorial committees.


She supervises graduate work on any subject in government, politics and landed society from c. 1250 to 1500 and, to undergraduates, she teaches all aspects of English history from c. 1050 to 1500.

Key Publications

  • Locality and Polity: a study of Warwickshire Landed Society 1401-1499 (1992) (winner of the Royal Historical Society's Whitfield Prize for 1992)
  • An updated version of Kingsford's edition of The Stonor Letters and Papers 1290-1483 (1996)
  • The Wars of the Roses: politics and the constitution c. 1437-1509 (1997)
  • The Armburgh Papers (1998), an edition of a hitherto unknown collection of fifteenth-century gentry letters, the largest to have been discovered since the nineteenth century.
  • Political Culture in Late Medieval Britain (2004), as co-editor with Linda Clark and author of the introduction
  • A number of articles and chapters in edited books

She is at present engaged in writing A New Constitutional History of Late-Medieval England 1215-1509.