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Martin Crevier

Martin Crevier
Darwin College


Before arriving at Cambridge I completed an MSc in International History at the LSE and a B.A. (Joint Honours) at McGill University. 

Research Interests

My focus is on the ways in which settlers came to terms with the landscape and the peoples in the areas in which they were based, with a particular emphasis on the period from the last third of the nineteenth century to the interwar. Picking up on a cluster of museums and art galleries in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada, as well as on the groups, ideas and objects that converged to them and travelled between them, I aim to develop a comparative understanding of these institutions. By placing them in their respective contexts and in relation to each other, I hope to make an argument about the intellectual underpinnings of settler colonialism in the British World. 

Additionally, I wish to place emphasis on settler discovery and, in some instances, on their erasure or appropriation of Indigenous knowledge, art and artefacts, as well as on their relationships with Indigenous peoples.


Paper 21: Empires and World History from the Fifteenth Century to the First World War

Paper 23: World History since 1914

Other Professional Activities

Editor at large at the Toynbee Prize Fondation's Global History Blog

Convenor, Cambridge World History Workshop


  • Histories of Colonialism
  • Imperial History
  • Global History

Key Publications

“The Making of a Timber Colony: British North America, the Navy Board and Global Resource Extraction in the Age of Napoleon,” Itinerario 43: 3 (2019), pp.466-488.

Other Publications

"Le nationalisme écossais et la surimposition des unions," Historical Discourses 49 (2015), 64-94.