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Marius Strubenhoff


I started my PhD after completing an MSc in Economic History at the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in History at the University of Cambridge.

Research Interests

My academic interests concentrate on twentieth-century German political thought. Thematically, my main interest lies in examining the implications of methodological commitments for political theory. In my PhD, I am examining this in the case of Ralf Dahrendorf (1929-2009), a German-British sociologist and politician. I am particularly fascinated by the social sciences of the post-war period until the 1960s, as well as the methodological reactions against them during the 1970s, broadly circling around the phenomenon known as the ‘linguistic’ or ‘cultural turn’ . Specifically, I am interested in the connection between these changes and the transformation of conservative, liberal, and socialist thought during this decade.

I have a broader general interest in German political history since 1789. Here, I am also concerned with the connection between political ideas and methodological preconceptions that govern the works of German historians writing during and about this period, especially of proponents and critics of the Sonderweg thesis.

With this interest in mind, I am co-convening a DAAD-funded reading group and workshop series on ‘German Approaches to History’ with Charlotte Johann. Focusing on Leopold von Ranke, Friedrich Meinecke, Max Weber, Ernst Troeltsch, Werner Conze, Reinhart Koselleck, the Bielefeld School, and Thomas Nipperdey, the group will compare two diverging approaches to the study of the past that have dominated the German historical profession: Historismus on the one hand, and social historical and sociological approaches on the other.


I supervise first- and second- year undergraduates in European History Since 1890 (Paper 18). I have also taught the seminar option Postmodernism for Historical Argument and Practice (HAP) for third-year undergraduates.

Key Publications

Marius Strubenhoff, 'The Positivism Dispute in German Sociology, 1954-1970', History of European Ideas (forthcoming) 

Marius Strubenhoff, 'Materialist Method, Agonistic Liberalism: Revisiting Ralf Dahrendorf's Political Thought', History of Political Thought (forthcoming)