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Marina Inì

Marina Inì

PhD Candidate

Early Modern History

Girton College


I am a first year PhD student in History at Girton College and My research focus on lazzaretti (quarantine facilities and plague hospitals)  in the Early Modern Mediterranean. I am currently funded by a Cambridge European Scholarship and a Prize Research Grant from the Joint Centre for History and Economics. I completed my BA degree in Art History at the University of Trento (Italy) and my MSc in Architectural History and Theory at the University of Edinburgh. My MA dissertation investigated lazzaretti  in Venice and in the Venitian territories during the Early Modern Period from the architectural and historical point of view. 

Research Interests

My research interests concern Material Culture, Architecture, Global History, Plague, Trade and Networks in Early Modern Europe. I am interested in investigating how the analysis of architecture and buildings can help in understanding different historical and cultural contexts.

My PhD Project aims to analyse the role of lazzaretti (quarantine facilities and plague hospitals) within the global culture of exchange in the Mediterranean world, in the circulation of people, ideas and diseases. The goal is to contribute to scholarship in this area, which has previously received little attention, and to explore the subject in the context of the development of global networks. The architectural form of lazzaretti is considered as a consequence of several needs, such as the segregation of bodies, the Mediterranean trade flow and the prevention of plague outbreak. Disciplines such as Material Culture, Social and Economic History, will have a prominent position in analysing and understanding the importance and the complexity of this type of buildings.

Research Supervision

Supervisor: Professor Mary Laven

Other Professional Activities

Prize Research Student at  the Joint Centre for History and Economics (2017-2018)


  • Economic, Social History
  • Early Modern History