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Laura Flannigan

Laura Flannigan

PhD candidate in Early Modern British History

Newnham College


I completed an undergraduate degree in History and a Masters degree in Early Modern History at the University of York in 2016 and 2017 respectively.  Research projects in those years included kingship and morality in Edmund Dudley's 'Tree of Commonwealth' (1509) and expectations of authority in the Court of Requests, 1515-1529. I am now a first-year Cambridge Trust & Newnham College PhD scholar working on the political and legal culture of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.  

Research Interests

I am generally interested in the political and intellectual history of the early-Tudor period or the Henrician reigns, from c.1485 to the 1540s. 

For my PhD research I am working on the king's discretionary justice in the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII in conciliar and equitable courts and in the broader literature of the time. 

Research Supervision

Supervisor:  Dr Paul Cavill 

Other Professional Activities


  • Early Modern History