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James Morris


After graduating with a double-starred first in History from Emmanuel, I spent a year as a visiting scholar Harvard before returning to study for the MPhil in Historical Studies with Peter Mandler. Since then I've worked variously as a private tutor, carpenter, ghostwriter, and dancer. I returned to Cambridge in 2016 to pursue a Ph.D with Chris Clark.

Research Interests

My doctoral research concerns the 1848 revolutions in Wallachia and Moldavia, which were then known as the Danubian Principalities, and are today part of Romania. My thesis situates these revolutions in the context of the European revolutionary moment, exploring how their participants conceived of themselves within an (explicitly) European civilization, and how they understood the connected concepts of liberty and property, as well as examining the broader geopolitical circumstances of the revolution and what that meant for their failure.


I am currently on leave to work away for the academic year 2017/18, but will be back in Cambridge for 2018/19 and happy to supervise for Paper 17 in Part I of the Historical Tripos.