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Dr Ineke van 't Spijker

Affiliated lecturer

Subject groups/Research projects

Ancient and Medieval History:

Departments and Institutes

Clare Hall:
Life Member

Research Interests

Medieval culture and religion. Hagiography, religious self-fashioning. Current research involves notions of interiority in relation to social life.

Key Publications

- Fictions of the Inner Life. Religious literature and formation of the self in the eleventh and twelfth centuries (Brepols 2004).

 - ´Model reading. Saints´ Lives and Literature of Religious Formation in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries` in Étienne Renard, Michel Trigalet, Xavier Hermand, Paul Bertrand, eds, “Scribere sanctorum gesta. Recueil d’études d’hagiographie médiévale offert à Guy Philippart, Turnhout: Brepols, 2005, 135-156.

 - ‘Hugh of Saint-Victor´s Virtue. Ambivalence and Gratuity’ in Virtue and Ethics in the Twelfth Century, ed. by István P. Bejczy and Richard G. Newhauser, Brill's Studies in Intellectual History (Leiden: Brill, 2005).

 - ‘The Literal and the Spiritual. Richard of Saint-Victor and the Multiple Meaning of Scripture’ in Ineke van ’t Spijker, ed. The Multiple Meaning of Scripture. The Role of Exegesis in Early-Christian and Medieval Culture, Leiden, Brill, 2009, pp. 225-247.

 - ‘Partners in Profession. Inwardness, Experience, and Understanding in Heloise and Abelard’, in Women and Experience in Later Medieval Writing. Reading the Book of Life, ed. by Anneke Mulder-Bakker, Liz Herbert McAvoy The New Middle Ages, New York, Palgrave MacMillan: 2009, pp. 47-64.

- ‘Ad commovendos affectus: Exegesis and the affects in Hugh of Saint-Victor’, in Rainer Berndt SJ, ed., Bibel und Exegese in der Abtei Saint- Victor zu Paris. Form und Funktion eines Grundtextes im europäischen Rahmen. Münster, Aschendorff Verlag: 2009, Corpus Victorinum, Instrumenta 3, pp. 215-234.

 “Image of thought. Hugh of Saint-Victor and Richard of Saint-Victor On thinking.” In: Speaking to the Eye. Sight and Insight through Text and Image (1150-1650), ed. Thérèse de Hemptinne, Veerle Fraters, and Maria Eugenia Gongora, Turnhout:Brepols, 2013, pp. 17-46.

“Beyond reverence. Richard of Saint-Victor and the Fathers,” in La réceptions des Pères de l’Église au Moyen Âge. Le devenir de la tradition ecclésiale, Congrès de Centre Sèvre – Facultés jésuites de Paris (11-14 juin 2008) préparé par Nicole Bériou, Rainer Berndt, Michel Fédou, Adriano Oliva et André Vauchez, ed. Rainer Berndt et Michel Fédou, Archa Verbi Subsidia 10, 2 vols, Münster: Aschendorf Verlag, 2013, I, pp. 439-463.

“Augustinus: homo interior en socialis vita”, in Bert Roest, ed., De last der geschiedenis. Beeldvorming, leergezag en traditie binnen het historisch métier. Liber amicorum bij het afscheid van prof. dr. P.G.J.M. Raedts, Nijmegen: Valkhof Pers, 2013, pp. 242-254.

 “Conflict and Correspondence. Inner and Outer in Abelard and Hugh of Saint-Victor” in Babette Hellemans, ed., Rethinking Abelard. A Collection of Critical Essays. Brill’s Studies in Intellectual History 229, Leiden/Boston:Brill, 2014, pp. 84-101