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Greta Louise Lawrence

Greta Louise Lawrence

PhD Candidate, Faculty of History

Visiting Fellow at University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, Autumn 2015-Spring 2017

Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, USA, Autumn 2013-Spring 2014

Former Co-Convener, Violence and Conflict Workshop, University of Cambridge, Spring 2012

Cambridge CB2 1RD


Greta Lawrence has recently submitted her dissertation for a PhD in from the Faculty of History. As an undergrad she read for a double major in History and Art History at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA.  She then completed a Masters in Irish and Irish American Studies at New York University, USA. She continued her graduate work with a MPhil in Archaeology (Archaeological Heritage and Museums) focusing on current display and narratives at Nazi concentration camp sites in the Netherlands.

Research Interests

PhD Title: The United States and the Concentration Camp Trials at Dachau, 1945-1947

Greta's research focuses on the American Military Tribunals held at Dachau from November 1945 – December 1947, particularly the procedural and sentencing practices of these courts. Her research sheds light on the larger question of American reaction to the aftermath of the Holocaust. More generally Greta is interested in transitional justice in the 20th century, especially the use of trials in the case of genocide and the representations of perpetrators.

Research Supervision

Supervisor: Professor Sir Richard Evans

Advisor: Professor Christopher Clark


  • Military History
  • American History