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Eloise Davies

Eloise Davies
Cambridge CB2 1RD


I completed both a History BA (2016) and an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History (2017) at Peterhouse, Cambridge. Research projects included work on blasphemy legislation in 1690s England, the use of Augustine to legitimise early Florentine humanism and the significance of Saint Catherine of Siena as a political thinker.

Research Interests

Thesis title: Venice, England and seventeenth-century conceptions of the state

Supervisor: Dr Richard Serjeantson

My research explores the role of religion in both legitimising and challenging state structures. Using the interlinked intellectual cultures of early modern Venice and England as a starting point, my PhD will investigate diverse ways in which state and religion were theorised. I am particularly interested in the broader relationship between religious belief and the politically possible.

I am especially biographically interested in Sir Henry Wotton (1568–1639), three-times English ambassador to Venice.

Other academic interests include Latin as a spoken language; the significance of humanism; the expression of irreligion; the relationship between the language of politics and political action; whig history and teleology; women and canons of political thought.


I supervise Pol 7/Paper 19 (History of Political Thought to c.1700).

Other Professional Activities

Seminar assistant to the Cambridge Political Thought and Intellectual History Seminar 2017-18

Co-convenor of the Theories and Methods Graduate Workshop 2017-18


  • Early Modern History