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Edoardo Andreoni

Edoardo Andreoni

PhD Candidate

Corpus Christi College

Cambridge CB2 1RH


2013-present: PhD Candidate in History, University of Cambridge

2010-2012: MA in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs (Distinction), University of Bologna (Italy)

2011-2012: Overseas Exchange Student, University of Pennsylvania

2006-2010: BA (Hons) in International Studies, University of Florence (Italy)

Research Interests

My PhD focuses on 'Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative and transatlantic relations, 1983-1986'. While scholarly attention has focused predominantly on SDI’s role in superpower diplomacy and the end of the Cold War, the initiative’s impact on US-European relations has been largely neglected. However, thanks to its position at the intersection of military strategy, political ideology, Cold War diplomacy and industrial politics, SDI offers a particularly fruitful vantage point from which to examine the multiple dimensions and complex dynamics of relations across the Atlantic in the 1980s. Based on recently declassified government documents and private papers from multiple archives in Europe and the United States, this project aims at providing, through the lens of the SDI controversy, a new reading of the character and trends of transatlantic relations during the last, transformative decade of the Cold War.

Supervised by Professor David Reynolds, this project has been funded by the Luigi Einaudi Foundation (Turin, Italy) and is currently supported by the School of Arts and Humanities and Faculty of History, University of Cambridge.

My broader research interests include the history of international and transatlantic relations, especially during the Cold War; US foreign policy after 1945; and Britain's relationship with Europe and the United States.


  • Modern British History
  • American History