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Dr Renan Baker

Dr Renan Baker

Affiliated Lecturer

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Renan Baker is available for consultancy.


DPhil (Oxon.), MA (TAU)

Research Interests

Philology, History, Literature and Culture of the Ancient and Early Medieval World(s). Finances and Investments of the past and the present. 

Research Supervision

Papers 12 and 13 (Ancient Greek, Roman and Early Medieval History).

I am also interested in topics similar to those in the 2020/2021 curriculum:

Part II Section B Paper 2/3 A

Part II Section C Paper 6

Part II Section D Papers 7,9,10


Supervisions: Papers 12 and 13 (Ancient Greek, Roman and Early Medieval History).
Lectures: Paper 13.


Other Professional Activities

Board of Examinations: Examiner and Assessor
Israel Antiquities Authority: Roman Jerusalem

Investment Management Certificate


  • Medieval British History
  • Economic, Social History
  • European History
  • Academic related
  • Early Modern History
  • Modern British History
  • International History
  • Imperial History

Key Publications

Baker R., 2012. Epiphanius, ‘On Weights and Measures’ §14: Hadrian’s Journey to the East and the Rebuilding of Jerusalem. Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 182, 157–167.

Baker R., 2015. A study of a late antique corpus of biographies (Historia Augusta). DPhil Thesis, Univeristy of Oxford.

Baker R., 2014. The diachronic development and distribution ὄφρα the Homeric poems. Glotta 90 (1-4), 3-45.

Baker R., 2012. Lucan, Bellum ciuile 7.28-29. Latomus 71 (03), 846-848.

Baker R., 2010.The Accentuation of Ancient Greek Enclitics: A Didactic Simplification. Classical World 103 (4), 529-530.

Other Publications

Public Engagement

'A spirited lecture by Cambridge University historian Renan Baker enlightened the room about the incredibly problematic nature of accurately dating the ancient world and discussed little known primary sources in Latin and Greek which could help complete a picture of Jewish life in Jerusalem immediately before and after the destruction of the Second Temple.'


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