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Dr Oliver Dunn

Dr Oliver Dunn

Post-Doctoral Research Associate with The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure.

Oliver Dunn is available for consultancy.

Faculty of History
West Road
Cambridge UK

Cambridge CB3 9EF


Currently Post-Doctoral Research Associate with The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure.

I completed my BA at Bristol University in Historical Studies, M.Phil in Early Modern History at the University of Cambridge, and my PhD in History and Civilisation was granted by the European University institute, Florence, in 2015. I've also worked as a technician in the world of media (TV and audio) and as Research Assistant at Cambridge before starting my MPhil.

Research Interests

I am a social and economic historian with broad interests. My expertise mainly lies in British maritime history, the history of British state formation, and taxation and other government regulation of trade.

My recent research recreates (employing GIS) British coastal shipping routes 1650-1911 under the Transport, urbanization and economic development in England and Wales c.1670-1911 project, funded by grants by the Leverhulme Trust, National Science Foundation (US), and the Isaac Newton Trust. My research tasks also take me into the history of industry, energy production, trade, and consumption with the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure in England and Wales. 

I am developing cultural and economic research into maritime trade and its regulation in early modern England, including narratives of political corruption in relation to taxation and regulation of trade.


  • Economic, Social History
  • Modern British History
  • Early Modern History