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Dr Kirsten Macfarlane

Dr Kirsten Macfarlane

Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College.

Kirsten Macfarlane is available for consultancy.

Departments and Institutes

Trinity College:
Junior Research Fellow

Research Interests

Intellectual, religious, and cultural history of Britain, western Europe, and North America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; history of biblical criticism and scholarship, including the translation of the Bible into the vernacular; history of the book; biblical exegesis and prophecy; apocalypticism; chronology; biblical genealogy; Jewish-Christian relations in the medieval and early modern periods; controversial theology, especially Reformed theology; and the relationship between neo-Latin and vernacular cultures and modes of thought.


  • Early Modern History
  • American History

Key Publications

'The Biblical Genealogies of the King James Bible (1611): Their Purpose, Sources and Significance’, The Library, 7th series, Volume 19, Issue 2, (June 2018), pp. 131-158. Editor’s Choice article for the issue, available online here.

‘Translating the ‘Hebraeo-Hellenic Apostles’: Hugh Broughton and the Scholarly Context of the English New Testament’, Review of English Studies, Volume 68, Issue 286, (September 2017), pp. 689–707. Available online here via Gold Open Access.

Other Publications

Biblical Scholarship in an Age of Controversy: The Polemical World of Hugh Broughton (1549-1612) (monograph project in progress)

Amateur Divines: Lay Learning and the Bible in Seventeenth-Century England and New England (second monograph project)