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Dr Charles Read


Charles Read lectures, examines and supervises for the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge. His research and teaching interests focus on the business, economic and political history of the British Isles over the past two centuries. The research for his previous project, for a doctoral thesis entitled ‘British Economic Policy and Ireland, c.1841-53’ about the economics of the Irish Famine, has won the Thirsk-Feinstein PhD Dissertation Prize, the T.S. Ashton Prize for the best Economic History Review article and the New Researcher Prize of the Economic History Society.  In August 2018 he was awarded a prize from the International Economic History Association at the 18th World Economic History Congress at MIT for the best dissertation in nineteenth-century economic history completed at any university in the world in 2015, 2016 or 2017.

Departments and Institutes

Corpus Christi College:

Key Publications

• C. Read, ‘The Political Economy of Sir Robert Peel’, in J. Hoppit, A.B. Leonard and D.J. Needham (eds.), Money and markets: essays in honour of Martin Daunton (Martlesham: Boydell and Brewer, 2019).

• C. Read, ‘James Wilson’, in T. Mata (ed.), The Economist in History: The Political Economy of Liberal Journalism (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019).

• C. Read, ‘Taxes, tariffs and the economics of nationalism in 1840s Ireland’, in D. Kanter & P. Walsh (eds.), Taxation, Politics, and Protest in Ireland, 1692-2016 (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) pp. 199-226. []

• C. Read, ‘The Irish Famine and Unusual Market Behaviour in Cork’, Irish Economic and Social History 44:1 (December 2017) pp. 3-18. [].

• C. Read, ‘Laissez-faire, the Irish Famine and British Financial Crisis’, Economic History Review 69:2 (May 2016) pp. 411-434. [].

C. Read, ‘The Repeal Year in Ireland: An Economic Reassessment’, Historical Journal 58:1 (March 2015)      pp. 111-135. [].

• C. Read, ‘Peel, De Grey and Irish Policy, c.1841-44’, History 99:334 (January 2014) pp. 1-18. [].

• C. Read, ‘De Grey [née Cole], Henrietta Frances, Countess de Grey (1784–1848)’, Dictionary of Irish Biography (January 2014).