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Dr Alessia Meneghin

Dr Alessia Meneghin
Domestic Devotions, room 317
Alison Richard Building
7 West Road,
Cambridge CB3 9DT

Office Phone: Direct Line: 01223 (7)61735


In 2011, after been awarded my PhD from St Andrews University I won the Society for Renaissance Studies postdoctoral Fellowship and began working in preparation for the monograph: a social and cultural history of used clothing dealers in early modern Florence. In 2012 I joined the Australian Research Council-funded project run by Dr Nicholas Eckstein of the University of Sydney concerning The Anatomy and Physiology of Renaissance Florence: The Dynamics of Social Change in the Fifteenth Century. I have recently been appointed to a three-year position as Research Associate in Italian Renaissance Studies on a new project Domestic Devotions: The Place of Piety in the Italian Renaissance Home, 1400-1600. The project, funded by an ERC Sinergy grant (, will profit from a unique concentration of experts who will make use of their knowledge and expertise to investigate the devotional practices of artisanal households, with a focus on women’s and children’s experiences, during the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.

Subject groups/Research projects

Early Modern History:

Research Interests

My primary research interests are the material culture and representation of the ordinary, and the history of consumption of the lower end of society, with a particular focus on cheap clothing and accessories. I am keen to investigate the cultural, social and economic issues related to the circulation of objects disseminated down the social scale in early modern Tuscany: networking, mobility, payment practices and credit arrangements.


  • Early Modern History

Key Publications

‘Nursing Infants and Wet-nurses in Fifteenth-Century Florence: Piero Puro di Francesco da Vicchio and his Wife, Santa di Betto da San Benedetto’, The Fifteenth Century, IX: English and Continental Perspectives, ed. Linda Clark (Woodbridge: 2010), pp. 179-95.

‘La tavola di un salariato fiorentino nel XV secolo. Dai ricordi di Piero Puro "donzello" della Parte Guelfa’, Archivio Storico Italiano, CLXXII (2014), II, pp. 249-75.

‘The Uniform of a Florentine Employee in the Quattrocento’, forthcoming in Cultural and Social History.

'The Trade of Second Hand Clothing in Fifteenth-Century Florence: Organisation, Conflicts, and Trends', forthcoming in Il commercio al minuto. Domanda e offerta tra economia formale e informale. Secc. XIII-XVIII. Retail Trade, Supply and Demand in the Formal and Informal Economy from the 13th to the 18th Centuries.