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Dr David Woodman

Dr  David Woodman

Fellow and Senior Tutor of Robinson College, Director of Studies in History

Subject groups/Research projects

Ancient and Medieval History:

Research Interests

Anglo-Saxon and twelfth-century history (in particular the study of charters and the Worcester Chronicon ex chronicis).

Research Supervision

Dr Woodman supervises MPhil topics in various aspects of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman historiography and diplomatic.


Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman history (Papers 2 and 7 and 3); palaeography; diplomatic.

Key Publications


Articles and book chapters: 

  • 'The forging of the Anglo-Saxon past in fourteenth-century Beverley', English Manuscripts before 1400, ed. A.S.G. Edwards and O. Da Rold, English Manuscript Studies: 1100-1700, vol. xvii (London, 2012), pp. 26-42.
  • ''Æthelstan A' and the rhetoric of rule', Anglo-Saxon England xlii (2013), pp. 217-48.
  • 'William of Malmesbury', Literary Encyclopedia:
  • 'Charters, Northumbria and the Unification of England in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries', Northern History lii (2015), pp. 35-51. 
  • 'Hagiography and Charters in Early Northumbria', in Writing, Kingship and Power in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. R. Naismith and D. A. Woodman (Cambridge, 2017), pp. 52-70
  • 'Introduction' [with R. Naismith], in Writing, Kingship and Power in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. R. Naismith and D. A. Woodman (Cambridge, 2017), pp. 1-17
  • 'Annals 848 to 1118 in the Historia Regum', in The Battle of Carham: A Thousand Years On, ed. N. McGuigan and A. Woolf (John Donald/Birlinn, 2018), pp. 202-30

Review Articles:

  • Review of S. E. Kelly, The Charters of Malmesbury Abbey, in Early Medieval Europe 17 (2008), 225-7
  • Review of M. Richter, Bobbio in the Early Middle Ages: The Abiding Legacy of Columbanus, in Journal of Ecclesiastical History 60 (2009), 773-4
  • Review of D. Scragg (ed.), Edgar, King of the English, 959-975, in Early Medieval Europe 19 (2011), 118-20
  • Review of S. E. Kelly, The Charters of Peterborough Abbey, in Early Medieval Europe 19 (2011), 363-5
  • Review of M. P. Brown, The Book and the Transformation of Britain c. 550-1050. A Study in Written and Visual Literacy and Orality, in Journal of Ecclesiastical History 65 (2014), 386-7
  • Review of B. Snook, The Anglo-Saxon Chancery: the History, Language and Production of Anglo-Saxon Charters from Alfred to Edgar, in Journal of Ecclesiastical History 67 (2016), 628-9
  • Review of G. R. Owen-Crocker and B. W. Schneider (eds), Kingship, Legislation and Power in Anglo-Saxon England, in Parliamentary History 35 (2016), 189-92
  • Review of B. R. O'Brien and B. Bombi (eds), Textus Roffensis: Law, Language, and Libraries in Early Medieval England, in English Historical Review 133 (2018), 681-5