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Charlie Chih-Hao Lee

Cambridge CB5 8BL


I am a PhD candidate in Modern British History, with a particular interest in democracy and civil society since 1880. I completed my first degree in law at National Taiwan University, before studying an MA in history at NTU, where I wrote my thesis on the political thought of T. H. Green and his legacy to New Liberalism.  
    My PhD project, under the supervision of Professor Eugenio Biagini, assesses the practical application of Oxford Idealism to adult education, a field which, according to the Idealists, is crucial for the fulfilment of democracy. Focusing on the practice of the Workers' Educational Association between 1909 and 1949, my thesis examines the implementation of the Idealist scheme of achieving cross-class citizenship through university liberal education and co-operations between intellectuals and workers. By looking at the development of WEA tutorial classes and of its campaign for educational reform, I would like to answer how and why the movement had gradually shed its Idealist and democratic character whereas being more professionalised and more distant from the labour movement since the interwar period.   


  • Modern British History