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Carys Brown

Carys Brown

Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge (October 2019 - September 2023)

Research Interests

My doctoral research focused on how individuals and groups managed the tensions created by religious difference in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century England, a period of considerable religious and political tension. My PhD thesis was entitled 'Religious coexistence and sociability after the Act of Toleration, c. 1689-c.1750', and argued for the significance of the religious history of the eighteenth century for understandings of the social and cultural developments of the period.

Having spent a year as a Research Associate on the AHRC-funded project 'Faith in the Town: Lay Religion, Urbanisation and Industrialisation in England, 1740-1830' at the University of Manchester, I will be returning to Cambridge to take up a Junior Research Fellowship at Trinity College in October 2019. My new project with focus on religious education, socialisation, and indoctrination in England, c.1660-1800.

I see public history as central to the historical discipline, and am therefore interested in innovative ways for academic research to reach broader audiences. I have been involved in a number of initiatives in Cambridge which seek to present current research to non-specialists, including the collaborative blog


Part I: Paper 4 - British political history, 1485-1714

Part I: Paper 9 - British economic and social history, c. 1500-1750

Part II: Paper 25 - Persecution and Toleration in Britain, 1400-1700

Historical Argument and Practice

Study Skills


  • British social history c.1600-1850
  • Early Modern History

Key Publications

'Politeness, hypocrisy, and Protestant Dissent in England after the Toleration Act, c. 1689 - c. 1750', Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 41, 1, March 2018, pp. 61-80 (DOI - 10.1111/1754-0208.12521)

'Catholic politics and creating trust in eighteenth-century England', British Catholic History, Volume 33 / Issue 4, October 2017, pp. 622-644 (doi:10.1017/bch.2017.28)

'Militant Catholicism, inter-confessional relations, and the Rookwood Family of Stanningfield, Suffolk, c.1689-c.1737', The Historical Journal, Volume 60 / Issue 1, March 2017, pp. 21-45 (doi: 10.1017/S0018246X15000503)