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Carlo Moll


I am a third year PhD Candidate at the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, supervised by Dr. John F. Pollard (Trinity Hall Cambridge) and Dr. Hannah Malone (Magdalene College Cambridge/FU Berlin). Prior to starting my doctoral studies, I did my MPhil in Modern European History at the University of Cambridge (St. Catharine' s College) and my BA in History and Political Science at the University of Munich.

In 2013, I worked as a Scientific Intern at the German Historical Institute in Rome under the supervision of Prof. Martin Baumeister (Munich/Rome), while in 2017 I worked as a Research Assistant for Dr. John F. Pollard. In 2018 I will serve as a juror for the Fifth Premio Nazionale Storia Contemporanea Friuli.

Research Interests

My research focuses on  Italian literature of the Great War (letteratura di guerra) published between 1915 and 1940 and the role of veterans as public intellectuals and keepers of public memory during the Fascist ventennio. In my PhD dissertation (provisional title: Anatomy of a Fascist Genre: A History of Italian war literature, 1918-1940) I examine war novels, memoirs, diaries, theatre plays written by veterans of the First World War, both from a standpoint of cultural production, as well as from a Gramscian perspective as regime-sustaining narratives of Fascist origin.    

I am also interested in the history of Fascist underground resistance to Allied liberation between 1943-45, the Italian Regency of Carnaro and the development of Italian Capitalism in the 19th and 20th century.  


I am the Course Lecturer for the new module 'The Great War in Italian Interwar Literature' at the MML Faculty.

I am supervising students in Paper 18

Key Publications

- 'The many faces of the Imboscato- On the transformation of an Italian trench myth into an enemy of Fascism' (Journal article, forthcoming)

-  Seeing poems of suffering and the future of the nation – On the meaning of the eye in Italian literature of the Great War, 1915-1935' (Journal article, forthcoming

Other Publications

- 'The many faces of the imboscato: on the transformation of an Italian trench myth into an enemy of Fascism', Paper given at the  ASMI conference 2018 'The First World War in Italy and Beyond: History, Legacy and Memory (1918-2018)', 1st of December 2018

-  ‘Anatomy of a Fascist genre: the case of Italy’s letteratura di guerra’; Paper given at Cambridge Italian Graduate Seminar, 21st of January 2019