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Benedek M. Varga

Benedek M. Varga

PhD Student in History

Benedek Varga is available for consultancy.


I am a PhD student in History, working on a research project investigating the works of the 18th century German historian, August Ludwig Schlözer and his contributions to debates about colonies and migration. 

My studies began at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest where I read for a BA in History and Latin. Turning my attention most especially to the history of 18th century Europe, I completed my BA thesis on the symbolism surrounding the coronation ritual of Maria Theresa in 1741. In 2012, I was awarded a one-year long scholarship to attend Trinity College, Hartford, CT (USA), where I studied History, Political Science and Cultural Anthropology. In 2014, I began my studies at Central European University (CEU), where I completed my MA in Comparative History with an additional certificate in Political Thought, continuing my investigation into the nature of royal power. This research ultimately led me to investigate the problem of empire more broadly in Habsburg Central Europe. In 2016, I began my MPhil in Modern European History at the University of Cambridge.

Research Interests

Intellectual History

History of Political Thought

Cultural History


Part II, N Paper, Central European Cities: Budapest, Prague, Vienna 1450-1914

Part II, Specified Paper 21: 'Borderlands: Life on the Habsburg-Ottoman Frontier, 1521-1881'


  • Histories of Colonialism
  • Global History
  • Early Modern History
  • International History

Key Publications

Making Maria Theresia 'King' of Hungary, The Historical Journal (forthcoming in 2020)