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Anna Parker

Anna Parker

Supervisor: Professor Ulinka Rublack

College: Pembroke

Title of thesis: Fashion crimes in imperial Prague, c.1570-1620


My research focuses on 'fashion crimes', when clothing became a source of civil or criminal conflict in late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century Prague. Historians often encounter the difficulty that few 'ordinary' people from the Renaissance left records of how they felt about dress. My project will use moments of social and cultural negotiation in the courtroom to examine the meanings and uses of clothing. These records will be supplemented by inventories and surviving textiles and jewellery from Central European museums. More generally, I am interested in the themes of material culture and materiality, craft and crime as they relate to Central Europe. 

Previously, my MPhil (also completed at Cambridge, funded by the Newton College Masters Award) explored the interrelationship of material, making and meaning in the jewellery worn by burghers in Prague’s Old Town.

I am an affiliate doctoral student of the Centre for East European Language Based Area Studies, a partnership run by University College London and the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester and Oxford.


  • Part II, Paper 14 (Material Culture of the Early Modern World)