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Dr Allegra R P Fryxell

Dr Allegra R P  Fryxell

Trebilcock-Newton Research Fellow, Pembroke College

Allegra Fryxell is available for consultancy.

Pembroke College


Dr Fryxell is a cultural historian of modern Europe, focusing on the interactions between the arts and sciences in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and America. She completed her BA in History at Trinity College, University of Toronto, and her MPhil and PhD in History at Cambridge. She worked at the University of Oslo and Tel Aviv University before returning to Cambridge to take up a research fellowship in Michaelmas 2017.

Subject groups/Research projects

Modern European History:

Research Interests

Dr Fryxell's PhD research explored conceptions of non-linear or non-chronological time from the fin-de-siècle to the Second World War, whilst her new project examines the metaphysical meanings and medicinal functions associated with colour — particularly coloured light — in modernism. This project will develop her discussion of spiritualist and theosophical understandings of time in her doctoral research by adding another dimension (colour) to modernism’s ‘invisible’ universe. 

She is also writing the official biography of Georg Tugendhat (1898-1973), a Viennese émigré to Britain who was central to the development of Britain’s domestic petroleum industry from the 1930s. Publications include Tugendhat’s biography as well as articles on interwar British 'Egyptomania', the contributions of Canadian aboriginal soldiers in the First World War, perspectives on time/temporality in history, Austrian actions at the Battle of Caporetto (Oct-Nov 1917), and the history of phenomenological psychiatry in the 1920s-1930s.

Research Supervision

Dr Fryxell is happy to supervise Part II undergraduate dissertations on topics relating to modernism, early 20th c. European culture, the history of psychology, and temporality.


Papers 17/18, POL20, and HAP ('Time').

Key Publications

Allegra Fryxell, ‘Psychopathologies of time: defining mental illness in early twentieth-century psychiatry', History of the Human Sciences (forthcoming 2019)

Allegra Fryxell, ‘Tutankhamen, Egyptomania, and Temporal Enchantment in Interwar Britain’, Twentieth Century British History 28.4 (Dec. 2017), pp.516–42 |

'Viewpoints: Modern Time', forthcoming, Past & Present

Georg Tugendhat: Life and Times (I.B. Tauris, forthcoming 2019)

Time on a Human Scale: Experiencing the Present in Europe, 1860-1930, ed. Julian Wright and Allegra Fryxell (forthcoming, Proceedings of the British Academy, OUP, 2019)

Other Publications

A. Fryxell, K. Inwood, and A. van Tassel, ‘Aboriginal and Mixed-Race Men in the Canadian Expeditionary Force,
1914-1918’, in Peter Baskerville & Kris Inwood (eds.), Lives in Transition: Longitudinal Analysis from
Historical Sources (Montreal, 2015), pp.254-73.

P. Brazinski and A. Fryxell, ‘The Smell of Relics: Authenticating Saintly Bones and the Role of Scent in the
Sensory Experience of Medieval Christian Veneration’, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 23.1
(2013), pp.1-15, DOI:

A. Fryxell, ‘CFI’s Industrial Bulletin: Creating Company Spirit, or Constructing American Culture?’ University of
Toronto Undergraduate Journal of American Studies 6 (2010-11), pp.7-22.