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Office facilities

Computers and printing

Academic staff with rooms in the Faculty building are provided with an internet-connected computer with shared access to centralised printers. Bulk monochrome document scanning is available using the photocopiers. Colour scanning is available in low volumes in the Information and Enquiries office.

Internet access

Wired internet access is provided in every room in the Faculty building via a high speed direct link to the main University network. Wireless connection is available via the University Wireless Service and eduroam on the lower floors of the building. In addition a private wireless network for staff only on the top 3 floors of the building (called "History wireless") is available once your device address is registered in the computer office.

Drop-in-roomAcademic staff room

For those who don't have a permanent office in the Faculty building, there is an academic staff room on the 6th floor with computers, printers and telephone. Access codes for the lock are available from the custodians.

A multimedia transcription suite is set up in the staff room for use by all academic staff. This can be used to convert 35mm slides, microfilm, microfiche, VHS tapes or any other medieval analogue medium to an appropriate digital format. Digitised material can be archived and made available for streaming to the teaching room projectors.


The Faculty Meeting Room and Boardroom have Skype-connected computers for small-scale videoconferencing such as interviews and vivas. The Faculty Skype ID is camhist

For guidance on how to run a Skype session for interviews or presentations, go here.

Bookable A.V. equipment

  • Digital projectors (short and long throw)
  • Prosumer camcorders, tripods and microphones
  • Colour document visualiser with book projector
  • Microfilm and microfiche reader/scanner
  • Memory card readers
  • Hand-held digital voice recorders
  • Portable audio tape recorders
  • Audio tape transcription unit (micro-cassette)
  • Overhead transparency projectors
  • 35mm slide and film negative projectors
  • Headphones and microphones
  • P.A. speaker systems and radio mics

If you would like to arrange a session with a computer officer to get to know the AV equipment or reserve any of the above bookable equipment including the transcription suite, please email .