The Cambridge Social History of Modern Ireland

Covering three centuries of unprecedented economic and demographic changes, the Cambridge Social History of Ireland offers an authoritative and comprehensive discussion of the shaping of Irish society at home and abroad, from the forgotten famine of 1740 to the present day.

By-passing some of the traditional grand narratives, it focuses on the experience of men, women and children from all paths of life and different religious persuasion, in both the North and the South. An international team of leading academics survey changes in population, the economy, occupations, property ownership, beliefs, class and migration, as well as examining the interaction between the individual and the state through crime and policing, education and welfare. It draws on a wide range of disciplinary approaches and sets Irish developments in their wider European and global contexts.

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Eugenio F. Biagini and Mary E. Daly, editors. The Cambridge Social History of Modern Ireland. Cambridge University Press, 2017