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Alumni Perspective: Rosie Hamilton

Rosie Hamilton (Newnham 2013)

Rosie HamiltonWhen I was asked to write something for the history alumni newsletter, my immediate reaction was ‘But I’ve only just left!’ However, looking back at the three years since I graduated, I realise that although these years have flown by, I’ve done more than I imagined could. And, without a doubt, my time at Cambridge prepared me in ways I’d completely taken for granted. 

Upon graduation I started work at a literary agency in the heart of London, and was fully thrown into the depths of City life. From meeting some of my literary heroes to attending the infamous Penguin Children’s Book party, this was an excellent introduction to the world of work. (Though looking back, I probably wasn’t very good at the actual job.) 

Ultimately, although I very much enjoyed the access to lots of free books, I wasn’t finished with history. I received a scholarship for a Masters’ course at the LSE where I worked on a dissertation on cultural diplomacy between Vietnam and America in the 1960s. I followed the journey of Vietnamese musician Pham Duy Can on his tour of America in 1966 and used this as the basis to explore Vietnamese cultural initiatives targeting the U.S. 

Thoroughly poor and unsure what to do next I took a job at an architectural property development company. This role was a stark contrast to working publishing, but surprisingly the skills I learnt as part of my history degree served me well. Attention to detail and research were vital parts of the role; I spent a lot of time reading old title deeds and property laws. Alongside my work I continued to tutor students in history (mostly the Tudors and Stuarts, and the Russian Revolution) and write for pleasure. 

Now I work as a content writer for, a proptech company that analyses the property market and the performance of estate agents across the country. Generally my work focuses on writing articles about the property market, and useful guides for people looking to sell or buy homes in the UK. This role takes everything I learnt about the property market from my time working in development, and combines it with my love of research and writing, which was very much fostered at Cambridge.

I never had a particular plan for what I wanted to do post-university. My time at Cambridge gave me the confidence, particularly in my own interpretations and ability to learn quickly, to jump into sectors I never thought I could have carved a path into.