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The main Tripos examinations

The Part I and Part II examinations are in late May and early June. Each examination paper has equal weighting in the assessment. Each paper is of three hours' duration. For each Part I option and Part II Specified Subject, candidates take one paper and answer three questions. Part II Special Subjects are examined by means of a Long Essay and a three-hour examination on 'gobbets' taken from the set sources. For the Historical Argument and Practice examination, candidates sit one paper and answer only one question.

The compulsory Themes and Sources Long Essay constitutes an examination paper, submitted in the January before Part I. Optional Part II Dissertations are submitted at the beginning of the Easter Term. The compulsory Part II Special Subject Long Essay is submitted at the beginning of the Easter Term. Candidates are therefore examined in both parts of the Tripos partly on work done outside the examination room.

Preliminary examinations

Prelim to Part I

The Prelim to Part I examination is taken at the beginning of the Easter term of the first year. 

This is not classed, and does not count towards Part I. It is intended to provide candidates with informal guidance about their progress to date. To appear on the list of successful candidates, students must pass an examination in three papers: the first two of the Part I outline papers that they have studied, together with Historical Argument and Practice (HAP).

The scope of Papers 2–18 is that of the corresponding papers in Part I of the Tripos. The scope of Paper 19 is that of Papers 21 and 23 in Part I.   

Paper 1.    Historical Argument and Practice

Paper 2.    British political history, 380-1100

Paper 3.    British political history, 1050-1509

Paper 4.    British political history, 1485-1714

Paper 5.    British political history, 1688-1886

Paper 6.    British political history, since 1880

Paper 7.    British economic and social history, 380-1100

Paper 8.    British economic and social history, 1050-c.1500

Paper 9.    British economic and social history, c.1500-1750

Paper 10.  British economic and social history, 1700-1880

Paper 11.  British economic and social history, since c.1880

Paper 12.  European history, 776 BC-AD 69

Paper 13.  European history, 31 BC-AD 900

Paper 14.  European history, 900-c.1215

Paper 15.  European history, 1200-1520

Paper 16.  European history, 1450-1760

Paper 17.  European history, 1715-1890

Paper 18.  European history, since 1890

Paper 19.  World history, from 1400 (N.B. This paper consists of questions arising from papers 21 and 23 of Part I)

Prelim to Part I Marking Criteria

Prelim to Part I Timetable (start date 22 April)

Prelim to Part II

The Prelim to Part II examination is taken by students who need to take Part II over two years (usually those transferring from another Tripos). They will offer seven papers in total, as follows:

  • Year One (Prelim to Part II): Paper 1 (HAP) and two papers from Sections C-D;
  • Year Two (Part II): They are re-examined in Paper 1 and the two papers offered at Prelim; plus a Special Subject (Papers 2 & 3) and either two more papers from Sections C-D, or a dissertation and one more.

    The three papers examined at the end of the first year (Prelim to Part II) are for practice only; no marks are carried over into the Part II classification.

    Tripos Examination Timetables 2014 (available April 2014):

      Part I  (start date 28 May)

      Prelim to Part II  (start date 30 May)

      Part II   (start date 30 May)