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Quantitative History Seminar

                     Easter Term 2017


For Michaelmas term please see Core seminars in Economic and Social History


Seminars will take place in Room 5, Faculty of History

Sandwiches and fruit will be available from 12.45 for a 1pm start

Convenor: Leigh Shaw-Taylor -


8th May: Frank Geary and Tom Stark

150 years of regional GDP: United Kingdom and Ireland

Estimates of regional GDP for the UK for the census years between 1861 and 2011 indicate that regional inequality displays a U shape. Outer Britain and Ireland caught up on London and the South East to 1911. Convergence became divergence after 1911. Between 1931 and 1951, convergence picked up again. Measured dispersion of regional incomes remained at historic lows between 1951 and 1971. This has gone decisively into reverse since 1991. The Republic Ireland has gone from being the poorest region of the UK in the nineteenth century to the second richest in the British Isles in the twenty first.


22nd May: Piotr Koryś (University of Warsaw)

 The road from serfdom. The evolution of occupational structure of Polish lands in the long 19th century

In the year 1795 Poland ceased to exist. It was partitioned into three parts: Prussian, Russian and Austrian. One of the last "late-feudal" European states disappeared. The foundation of economy of Poland was agricultural sector, and rural, peasant labor force consisted mostly of serfs. I will show the occupational structure of Polish lands in late 18th/early 19th century and its evolution during 19th century (on regional level). Finally, the occupational structure of Polish lands before the outbreak of WWI was similar to the labor structures of other European industrializing peripheries. The analyzed territory is limited to the territory of Duchy of Warsaw and Austrian Western Galicia (then German province Posen, Russian Congress Kingdom of Poland and Austrian Western Galicia). This is the territory continuously inhabited by Polish ethnic majority, contrary to most of other territories included into interwar and contemporary Polish borders.



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Supported by the Centre for History and Economics and the Trevelyan Fund

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