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Modern Economic and Social History and Policy

              Affiliated with the History & Policy network.


                           Easter Term 2017

Wednesday at 1-2.30pm.
Sandwiches will be available at the lunchtime seminars


Wednesday 3rd May

Dirac Room, St John’s College.

Lynn Abrams (Glasgow)

‘Is it anything to do with feminism?'
Exploring autonomy narratives with post-war British women.


Wednesday 17th May

Lightfoot Room, St John’s College

Jono Taylor (Oxford)

"A Time of Ogres and Pagans?"
Child Protection, Family and the Welfare State, 1933-1970

Easter term 2017 programme - print version


The Seminar is grateful for the generous support provided by the Trevelyan Fund


Convenors:Lucy Delap, Simon Szreter and Duncan Needham



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