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POLIS transfer

The Politics and International Studies printed collection is due to move from the SPS Library to the Seeley Historical Library between Monday 25th July and Friday 12th August, 2016. This collection will be found on the mezzanine floor, separate from the main History and Latin American studies collections.

The main IS material will be packed on Monday 25th July and will be available to borrow at the Seeley from Friday 29th July.  This collection is in the Library of Congress classification, and has an alphabetical prefix, e.g., AB123. 

A mix of Politics and International Studies material will be packed on Monday 8th August and be available from the Seeley from Friday 12th August; this batch has a numerical classification, starting 1-50.

All items will be borrowable for 4 days as before, and this loan period will extend to the main History collection as well. Items can be renewed twice, and recalls can be made.

The SPS library will still hold Sociology material and from Friday 9th September will also house the Land Economy collection.

July 2016


LibAnswers allows you to ask librarians in Cambridge anything about our libraries, resources and services. It is staffed 9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday, and also consists of a database of FAQs.

February 2016

Finding space to study in Cambridge

Visit the University's Spacefinder website to find out opening times, the accessibility and facilities of many spaces in Cambridge from libraries to cafes and bars. The listings can be filtered by the noise levels and atmosphere of the space you want to find.

October 2015

History Libguide

Our LibGuide has useful information for those studying or carrying out research in History.

August 2015

Book rests

Book rests are available at the desk - just leave your University card with us whilst you're using one.

February 2015

Our journals have moved!

They can be found clearly labelled on the mezzanine floor inbetween the 30s and Latin American studies collection. The most recent issues can still be found on the racks on the ground floor of the library. If you can't find what you need come and request it at the desk.

Don't forget that a lot of our journals are available online using iDiscovery, or the eresources@cambridge website.

January 2015

Two day borrowing

As of Michaelmas 2014, all our blue label books (aside from Special Subject) are borrowable for two days. There are signs around the library desk giving guidance on when your books will now be due, and don't forget you can always log in to you Library Account online through iDiscovery and Newton to check what you have on loan. Weekend borrowing (Friday to Monday) still applies, and yellow label/Latin American Studies books have the same borrowing periods as before.

September 2014

Library Help

Librarians across the University have been working to create a portal that will answer your questions about using our libraries. If you're not sure about anything library related, whether to do with the Seeley or elsewhere, this resource may help.

August 2014

Paying fines online

You can pay your fines online. Please note, however, that any payments made after 5 pm (or after 12 pm on a Saturday) will not be processed until the next working day, and you will not be able to borrow again until the payment has been processed.

January 2014