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“My supervisor was excellent, really helpful and patient, also I felt that the feedback I received was constructive and prompt.”

Faculty of History 2Every graduate student who is admitted to Cambridge will be assigned a Supervisor who will work with them on their research throughout the duration of their course. This will typically be a Senior academic in the Faculty whose research interests are aligned with your chosen topic of research.

Students may indicate the name of a preferred supervisor as part of their application to the Faculty and where possible and appropriate the Faculty will attempt to arrange this. The final decision on who to allocate as a supervisor remains with the Faculty and if a suitable supervisor cannot be found for a student, an offer of admission cannot be made. 

Students will be given the name of their Supervisor with their offer, and are encouraged to correspond with their Supervisor in the run-up to their arrival at Cambridge to begin making arrangements and have initial conversations about research.

The frequency of meeting between students and their supervisors will vary according to the stage of the dissertation work and will be agreed between the student and the supervisor but students can expect the full support of their supervisor.