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Prospective Graduate Students

Cambridge is a global centre for advanced study and research in most of the major academic disciplines.

The Faculty of History is the largest among the humanities and social science faculties at Cambridge and is  recognised as one of the world's leading History Departments. There are a considerable number of historians in Cambridge in various research and College appointments whose graduate teaching falls within the purview of the Faculty. Many members of other Faculties of the University and post-doctoral College Fellows also teach occasionally for the PhD in History. Over one hundred historians, many of them of international distinction, are available to teach graduate students. The Faculty is continually pioneering new ideas, approaches and methods in response to the advance of scholarship and the needs of the national and international community. This is the largest concentration of history graduate students in the world.

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The Faculty offers two research qualifications in History:

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Candidates have to complete one or three years of research respectively to meet the residence requirements for each qualification. Every year between 130-170 students begin graduate programmes in the Faculty. Some begin immediately on a course leading directly to the degree of PhD., but about two-thirds of the new students take MPhil courses.

The MPhil courses, which last between nine months and a year, are conceived both as taught degrees in their own right, and as pathways towards doctoral research. The Faculty offers six MPhil courses.

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The PhD at Cambridge is a three-year course of research done under the direction of a senior member of the Faculty, culminating in an 80,000-word dissertation submitted at the end of the course.

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