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Violence and Conflict

Graduate Workshop

This workshop tackles the twin themes of violence and conflict throughout the ages. It seeks to bring together military historians with those looking at the social, cultural and political histories of violence. The use of the term “conflict” is intended to give an arena to histories of grand strategy and operational military history, while the generalized term “violence” widens the scope of the workshop beyond beyond formal war between states to include not only other forms of political violence, such as guerrilla warfare and terrorism, but also socio-cultural manifestations of violence and the impact of these on the groups and individuals who must live with their consequences. In general, the aim is to take a broad, holistic approach to the topic, cutting across periods and specialisations and attracting students with all sorts of different interests connected to our central themes.


James Wilson -

Joseph McQuade -

Kate Bruce-Lockhart -

Naomi Parkinson -

Ishan Mukherjee -


Faculty advisor: Dr. Daniel Larsen, JRF Trinity; Dr N Mora-Sitja


Michaelmas 2015 schedule TBA

Schedule for Lent Term 2014

February 4th: Antonia Shacklock, Faculty of History, “Mediators or Partisans? The role of the friars in the conflict of the reign of Henry III of England.”

February 11th: Daniel Neary, Faculty of History, “Contesting the ‘Church of the Bishops’: The Chalcedonian Controversy in Palestine, 451-518 CE.”

February 18th: Matthew Rowley, University of Leicester, “‘Waite and Yee Shall See the Salvation of God’: Using Biblical and miracle claims to understand historical violence and reduce modern conflict.”

February 25th: Rebecca Coll, Imperial War Museum and Cambridge, “A Museum that Glorifies War?: Negotiating criticism and protest at the Imperial War Museum, 1960-1982.”

March 4th: Ali Jones, Medieval and Modern Languages, “Violence in Excess Spaces: Racial leftist protest in the German Autonomen Movement.”

March 11th: Teresa Segura-Garcia, Faculty of History, “Violence, Racial Anticolonialism and the Princely States in Late Colonial India.”

All meetings take place in the Wolfson Seminar Room (South) of Trinity College, between 17:00-19:00.

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