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Violence and Conflict

Graduate Workshop

This workshop tackles the twin themes of violence and conflict throughout the ages. It seeks to bring together military historians with those looking at the social, cultural and political histories of violence. The use of the term “conflict” is intended to give an arena to histories of grand strategy and operational military history, while the generalized term “violence” widens the scope of the workshop beyond beyond formal war between states to include not only other forms of political violence, such as guerrilla warfare and terrorism, but also socio-cultural manifestations of violence and the impact of these on the groups and individuals who must live with their consequences. In general, the aim is to take a broad, holistic approach to the topic, cutting across periods and specialisations and attracting students with all sorts of different interests connected to our central themes.


Kate Bruce-Lockhart (Trinity, kdb29)

Jésus Chairez (Hughes Hall, jfc40)

Catherine Lee Porter (Caius, clp52)

Faculty advisor: Dr. Daniel Larsen, JRF Trinity 


Schedule for Easter Term 2014

All meetings take place in the Wolfson Seminar Room (South) of Trinity College, between 17:00-19:00.

For abstracts see our page.

Tuesday 22 April

Sam Ottewill-Soulsby, (Sidney Sussex) Family Rivalry and Rebellion on the Carolingian-Umayyad Frontier, 820-850

Tuesday 29 April

Daniel Neary, (Corpus Christi) Remembering the Rebellion against Juvenal of Jerusalem: aristocratic patronage and ‘anti-Chalcedonian’ violence in Palestine (451-453)

Tuesday 6 May 

Jesse Harrington, (Corpus Christi), Earthquakes and civil strife: the ideology of unjust rule and ruptures in the natural order in twelfth-century Irish and English historical sources

Tuesday 13 May

Sebastian Jackson, (Guest Speaker, Department of Anthropology), The Colour of Consciousness: ‘Race’ Relations and Student Politics in 1970s Cape Town, South Africa

Tuesday 20 May

Aiko Otsuka, (Guest Speaker Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) The Question of War Guilt and Justice: Japanese General Staff in Postwar Contexts

*Friday 30 May

Postgraduate Conference, “Remembering Violence and Violent Memory”

More details to follow

Tuesday 3 June

Alastair McClure, Re-recording the political value of murder in India 1860-1900

Tuesday 10 June

Constantine Capsaskis, (Girton), The Past that will not Pass: The Memory and Historiography of the Greek Civil War


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