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Funding - Current Graduate Students

Last updated: 9.9.2014

The Following options may be worth investigating by current MPhil/PhD students.  

Students should regularly check these links as details/eligibility may change for these schemes without warning.

Within the Faculty:

AHRC, ESRC and CHESS options only (Administered by the Degree Committee Office)

Scholarships, Grants and Prizes offered by the Archbishop Cranmer Fund, Ellen MacArthur Fund, Holland Rose Fund, Lightfoot Fund, Prince Consort, Stanley Baldwin Fund, Cambridge Historical Society, Members History Fund, Sara Norton Fund, George Macaulay Trevelyan Fund (Administered by the Accounts Office)

Conference Attendance Fund, Archive/Specialist Training Fund, Student Organised Conference Fund (Administered by the Degree Committee Office)

Within the University:

A comprehensive database detailing funding opportunities from Colleges, Departments, Faculties and other groups/institutions within the University

Most PhD students, when applying for leave to work away may be able to apply to the fieldwork fund for financial assistance

For PhD students undertaking a topic related to commonwealth studies. Grants available

Select Funding Opportunities to find out more about Conference support, support for Graduate and Faculty research groups

Language learning bursaries

Need to register with the Careers Service then contact them direct for details.  Careers Service can assist students in preparing internship applications.

Issued in November each year, details scholarships, grants, awards from across the University

Offer funding opportunities for their students, conferences, etc - may be worth investigating if your topic is within a niche area, cannot guarantee such funding will cross subject boundaries though

Approach your College, many have funding opportunities available to graduate students for various purposes

Access to learning fund, hardship funding, Crane's Charity

Outside the University:

The University has subscribed to this publication.  All Cambridge students can download it. The guide details how to find and apply to alternative sources of funding - especially charities - which make awards to current and prospective graduate students.

The Institute of Historical Research has an online guide, 'Grants for History', which provides a full list of bodies outside Cambridge that assist research students in history, including many very specialized bodies that can assist people working on specific topics.

Other funding opportunities can be investigated via the Royal History Society (RHS). The Royal Historical Society (RHS) provides small grants to assist research students in history, especially with travel expenses incurred in the course of research or in attending conferences. When applying for RHS research grants, you must also apply simultaneously to any college or university funds for which you are eligible.

For students working on German history, travel grants are available from the German Historical Society (for graduate members).

Event funding, research funding, travel bursary


Fellowships and Grants

Need to register, opportunities then should present themselves

The section "Trusts and Charities" might be useful


Add to the funding list:

As graduate students you may come across other sources of funds that are not listed here but may be appropriate to be included.  Please tell us about it so we can grow this resource.  Send an email (marked "current student funding - add to website") to  Send us the weblink for the funding option and a brief 20-30 description.  If it is deemed appropriate, it will be included.  Thank you.

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