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Laura Carter

Laura Carter

Laura Carter

PhD in cultural history


My PhD thesis, Histories of the everyday and democratic culture in Britain, c.1918-1969, examines how the ‘everyday’ past manifested in British popular culture and interacted with mass educational projects in the mid-twentieth century. I work on the presentation of the ‘everyday’ in museums (particularly folk museums), the publishing of vernacular history and historical diaries, historical illustration and its changing conventions, and the broadcasting of popular history on the BBC. My MPhil considered how the idea of ‘modern’ mass education developed in Britain from the 1920s through to the secondary modern school after 1944.

Departments and Institutes

Trinity Hall:

Research Interests

- Public and popular history - Book History - History of Education - Gender - Visual Cultures


- Part I, paper 11



  • Modern British History

Key Publications

- L. Carter, 'The Quennells and the ‘History of Everyday Life’ in England, c. 1918–69', History Workshop Journal 81 (2016), pp. 106-34.

- L. Carter, ''Experimental' secondary modern education in Britain, 1948-58', Cultural and Social History (online publication 23 February 2016).