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Jason Pack


Since 2000, I’ve lived and worked in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, Oman, and Syria (where I was a Fulbright Fellow from 2004-5). In 2010, I was Program Manager at a DC-based trade association seeking to promote US-Libya commercial and diplomatic ties. In 2011, I received an M.St. in Global and Imperial History from St. Antony's College, Oxford University.

As a result of the Arab Spring, I became involved in op-ed writing and journalism and I also founded my own consulting company My op-eds have appeared New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, and the Guardian.

Recently, I have been advising US and UK politicians and businessmen about both the situation in Libya and the feasibility of different sorts of non-military international assistance for Syria. I addressed the House of Commons on the pressing danger Libya's militias pose to both a democratic transition and to Western interests. Lastly, I have recently begun strongly advocating and lobbying *AGAINST* an attack on Iran's nuclear sites as I believe such an attack would precipitate a regional crisis and send the world into a depression.

Research Interests

My Doctoral Research focuses on the strategic, diplomatic, and institutional factors which shaped HMG policy during the British Military Administration of Libya (1942-51). This work explores the contingent nature of British 'state-building' in the Libyan context. It could be said, in fact, that the British 'constructed' the unified Libyan state 'by accident', i.e. only after their plans to create a separate Cyrenaican state under their tutelage were rendered impossible on the international stage. My Doctoral project builds upon my early research about French Policy toward building a separate Alouite state in Syria but then being forced to accept the indlusion of the Alouites into greater Syria as well as upon my M.St. Thesis at St. Antony’s College, Oxford entitled: 'British State-Building in Cyrenaica during the War Years (1941-1945)'.


I am very keen to start teaching. Other through the HAP program or undergraduate supervisions of Paper 23.  I have prior teaching experience in my previous graduate work.

Other Professional Activities

Contemporary Research and op-ed writing

  • Libya's economic and geostrategic place in the world system
  • Western Investment in Libya
  • Internal Politics of the National Transitional Council
  • The Struggle between the militias and the central government in Libya
  • ------------------------------
  • The Syrian Crisis
  • Kurdistan

Key Publications

My Monograph "In War's Wake: The Struggle for Post-Qadhafi Libya" can be accessed here: