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Academic Staff directory

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Dr Anna Sapir Abulafia
  • Fellow, College Lecturer and Director of Studies in History, Lucy Cavendish College
  • Affiliated College Lecturer and Director of Studies in History, Newnham College
01223 3 32193
Professor David Abulafia, FBA
  • Professor of Mediterranean History
01223 3 32473
Dr Martin Allen
  • Senior Assistant Keeper, Department of Coins and Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum
01223 332915
Professor Christopher Andrew
  • Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
01223 3 38000
Dr Scott Anthony
  • By-Fellow Churchill College
01223 330570
Dr Andrew Arsan
  • University Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern History
Dr Gareth Atkins
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History, Magdalene College
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CRASSH
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of History
01223 746540
Professor Tony Badger
  • Mellon Professor of History
  • Master of Clare College
01223 3 33241
Dr Julie Barrau
  • Lecturer in Medieval British History
Professor Alison Bashford
  • Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History
Dr Felicitas Becker
  • University Lecturer in African History
01223 7 46955
Dr Andrew Bell
  • Tutor for Admissions
  • Director of Studies in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
  • Affiliated Lecturer in Medieval History
Dr Duncan Bell
  • Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Studies
  • Fellow of Christ's College
Dr Jocelyn Betts
  • Junior Research Fellow, Corpus Christi College
Professor Eugenio Biagini
  • Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
01223 7 65212
Dr Christopher Briggs
  • Lecturer in Medieval British Social and Economic History
01223 3 35865
Dr Caroline Burt
  • College Lecturer
01223 338106
Dr Joseph Canning
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of History
Dr Paul Cavill
  • Lecturer in Early Modern British History
01223 764566 (int. 64566)
Dr Lily Chang
  • Henry Lumley Research Fellow, Magdalene College
  • Research Associate, Centre for History and Economics
Dr Joya Chatterji
  • Reader in Modern South Asian History
01223 3 38577
Professor Chris Clark
  • Regius Professor of History
01223 3 38351
Dr Rebekah Clements
  • Research Associate, East Asian Studies, FAMES
  • Research Fellow, Queens' College
Professor Martin Daunton, FBA
  • Master of Trinity Hall
01223 3 32540
Dr Rohit De
  • Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Programme on Exchanges of Legal, Economic and Political Ideas, Centre for History and Economics
Dr Christof Dejung
  • Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow
Dr Leigh Denault
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History
01223 3 36134
Dr Eoin Devlin
  • Teaching Associate, Downing College
  • Research Fellow, Early Modern Conversions Project at CRASSH
Dr A. Warren Dockter
  • Junior Research Fellow
Dr Theodor Dunkelgrün
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, CRASSH
  • College Research Associate, St John's College
Dr Michael Edwards
  • Gurnee Hart Fellow and College Lecturer in History
  • Affiliated Lecturer
01223 339310
Dr Amy Louise Erickson
  • University Lecturer in British Economic and Social History 1500-1750
Dr Jon Fitzgibbons
  • A H Lloyd Junior Research Fellow, Christ's College.
Dr Kate Fleet
  • Director of the Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies
  • Fellow of Newnham College
01223 335804
Dr William Foster
  • Vice-Principal of Homerton College
  • College Lecturer in International History
01223 7 47145
Dr Elizabeth Foyster
  • Senior College Lecturer in History (Part-time),
  • Director of Studies
01223 3 33237
Dr Mike Franklin, FSA FRHistS MBCS CITP
  • Admissions Tutor Hughes Hall
  • Director of Studies in History and in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Dr Bianca Gaudenzi
  • D. Cohen Research Fellow in History, Newnham College
Professor Gary Gerstle
  • Paul Mellon Professor of American History
Professor Mark Goldie
  • Professor of Intellectual History
  • Fellow of Churchill College
Dr Ben Griffin
  • Lecturer in Modern British History
Dr Zoë Groves
  • University Lecturer in African History
01223 335329
Dr Nicholas Guyatt
  • University Lecturer in American History
Dr Bérénice Guyot-Réchard
  • Research Fellow, Emmanuel College
  • Research Associate, History Faculty
Dr Tim Harper
  • Reader in Southeast Asian and Imperial History
01223 3 32100
Professor Jonathan Haslam
  • Professor of the History of International Relations
01223 3 30860
Professor John Hatcher
  • Professor of Economic and Social History
01223 3 38015/364189
Dr Rachel G. Hoffman
  • Fellow in History of King’s College
01223 3 31338
Dr Tom Hooper
  • College Lecturer and Fellow
  • Director of Studies (Part I)
Dr Michael Humphreys
  • Title A Research Fellow at St John's College
Dr Joel Isaac
  • Lecturer in the History of Modern Political Thought
Dr Clare Jackson
  • Senior Tutor, Trinity Hall
01223 3 32511
Dr Hubertus F. Jahn
  • Reader in the History of Russia and the Caucasus
01223 3 33253
Dr Samuel James
  • J. H. Plumb College Lecturer, Christ's College
01223 762030
Dr David Jarvis
  • College Lecturer and Director of Studies in History
  • Murray Edwards College
Professor Simon Keynes
  • Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon
  • Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic
Dr Sachiko Kusukawa
  • Fellow in History and Philosophy of Science
  • Trinity College
01223 3 39930
Dr Christian Kühner
  • Marie Curie Fellow of the Gerda Henkel Foundation
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Clare Hall
Dr Mary Laven
  • Reader in Early Modern History
01223 3 39781
Dr Jon Lawrence
  • Reader in Modern British History
01223 7 42974
Dr Simon Layton
  • Lecturer in World History
Dr Rachel Leow
  • University Lecturer in Modern East Asian History
Dr Marie Beatrice Lovatt
  • Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson College
Mr Scott Mandelbrote
  • Fellow, Director of Studies in History, and Perne Librarian, Peterhouse
Professor Peter Mandler
  • Professor of Modern Cultural History
  • Bailey College Lecturer in History, Gonville and Caius College
01223 7 68779
Dr Stephen E. Mawdsley
  • Isaac Newton – Ann Johnston Research Fellow
Professor David Maxwell
  • Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History
01223 334258
Dr Christopher Meckstroth
  • Lecturer in the History of Political Thought
Dr Alessia Meneghin
Direct Line: 01223 (7)61735
Dr Natalia Mora Sitja
  • Lecturer in Modern European Economic History
01223 3 34837
Dr Renaud Morieux
  • University Lecturer in British History
  • Fellow of Jesus College
Professor John Morrill
  • Professor of British and Irish History
01223 3 35895
Dr David Motadel
  • Research Fellow in History
Dr Rory Naismith
  • Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow
Dr Duncan Needham
  • Temporary Lecturer, Faculty of History.
  • Charles and Katharine Darwin Research Fellow, Darwin College. Cambridge.
  • Associate Director, Centre for Financial History at Newnham College, Cambridge.
  • Research Associate, Centre for Risk Studies, Judge Business School, Cambridge.
+44 (0)7824 533 659
Dr Hannah Newton
  • Wellcome Trust Fellow
  • Director of Studies for HPS at St John's College
  • College Research Associate at St John's College
Dr Erik Niblaeus
  • Mellon/Newton Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2012-14
Professor Michael O'Brien
  • Professor of American Intellectual History
01223 3 39317
Dr William O'Reilly
  • University Lecturer in early modern History
  • Director of Graduate Studies (2011-2014)
01223 7 65956
Professor Robin Osborne
  • Professor of Ancient History
  • Curator of the Museum of Classical Archaeology
  • Senior Tutor of King's College
Mr Allen Packwood
  • Director of Churchill Archives Centre & Fellow of Churchill College
Dr Natasha Pairaudeau
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sites of Asian Interaction Project, Centre for History and Economics
01223 335320
Professor Jon Parry
  • Professor of Modern British History
  • Director of Studies in History, Pembroke College
Mr Richard Partington
  • Fellow of Churchill College
Dr Sarah M. S. Pearsall
  • University Lecturer in the History of Early America and the Atlantic World and Fellow, Robinson College
01223 (7)68-885
Dr Kate Peters
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History (Part I), Murray Edwards College
01223 3 31594
Dr John Pollard, F.R.Hist. S.
  • Fellow of Trinity Hall
  • Fellow Archivist, Trinity Hall
Dr David Pratt
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History, Downing College
Dr Andrew Preston
  • Reader in American History
  • Co-editor, The Historical Journal
01223 7 66491
Dr Sunil Purushotham
  • Lecturer in Commonwealth History
Dr Gabriela Ramos
  • Senior Lecturer in Latin American History
Dr Pedro Ramos Pinto
  • Lecturer in International Economic History
Dr Alastair J Reid
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History
01223 3 38931
Professor David Reynolds, FBA
  • Chair of the Faculty of History
  • Professor of International History
  • Fellow of Christ's College
01223 334986 (College) 335319 (Faculty)
Professor John Robertson
  • Professor of the History of Political Thought
01223 3 33277
Dr Leon Rocha
  • Research Fellow, Emmanuel College
  • Affiliated Researcher, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge
Dr Helen Roche
  • Alice Tong Sze Research Fellow, Lucy Cavendish College
Dr Tim Rogan
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History, St. Catharine's College
01223 3 38321
Professor Emma Rothschild
  • Director, Centre for History and Economics
  • Fellow, Magdalene College
01223 3 31197
Prof Ulinka Rublack
  • Professor of Early Modern European History
01223 3 38682
Dr Martin Alexander Ruehl
  • Lecturer in German Thought at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Professor David Runciman
  • Professor in Political Thought, POLIS
Dr Magnus Ryan
  • University Lecturer in History
  • Faculty of History Academic Secretary
Dr Peter Sarris
  • Reader in Late Roman, Medieval and Byzantine History
  • Fellow of Trinity College
01223 3 39927
Dr Britta Schilling
  • Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Richard Serjeantson
  • Fellow and Lecturer in History
+44 (0)1223 338589
Dr Mike Sewell
  • University Lecturer, Institute of Continuing Education
  • Fellow, Director of Studies in History, Tutor, and Admissions Tutor (Arts), Selwyn College
  • Chairman Intercollegiate Admissions Forum
  • Co-Course Director, Master of Studies in International Relations
Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor
  • Senior lecturer in eighteenth and nineteenth century British economic and social history
01223 3 33190
Dr Colin Shindler
  • American and British film and cultural history
Dr Sujit Sivasundaram
  • Lecturer in World and Imperial History since 1500
  • Fellow, Gonville and Caius College.
01223 3 32400
Dr Christina Skott
  • Fellow, Director of Studies & Tutor, Wolfson College
  • Director of Studies & College Lecturer, Magdalene College
01223-335930, 01223-332832
Dr John Slight
  • Title A Research Fellow
Dr David Smith
  • Fellow, College Lecturer and Director of Studies in History, Selwyn College
01223 3 35881
Dr Mark Smith
  • University Lecturer in Twentieth-Century European History, linked to King's College
Dr Michael Sonenscher
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History at King's College
Dr Richard Sowerby
  • Osborn Fellow in Medieval History and Culture
  • College Lecturer
01223 330816
Dr Emma Chartreuse Spary
  • Lecturer in Modern European History
01223 3 38013
Dr Andrew Mark Spencer
  • Admissions Tutor & College Lecturer in Medieval History, Christ's College
01223 748855
Professor Gareth Stedman Jones
  • Professor of Political Science
  • Director, Centre for History and Economics
  • Fellow, King's College
01223 3 31343
Professor Simon Szreter
  • Professor of History and Public Policy
Dr Geraint Thomas
  • University Lecturer in Modern British History
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History, Emmanuel College
01223 330441
Dr Andrew Thompson
  • College Lecturer in History
01223 3 35539
Miss Sylvana Tomaselli
  • Sir Harry Hinsley Lecturer in History,
  • College Lecturer and Director of Studies in History and HSPS,
  • St John's College.
01223 3 38743
Dr Hester Vaizey
  • University Lecturer in Modern German History
  • Director of Studies and Fellow of Clare College
Professor Elisabeth Van Houts
  • Honorary Professor of Medieval European History
Professor Megan Vaughan
  • Smuts Professor of Commonwealth History
  • ON ACADEMIC LEAVE 2013-2015
01223 3 31100
Professor Alexandra Walsham, FBA, FAHA
  • Professor of Modern History
01223 746915
Dr Linda Washington
  • Librarian
01223 3 35337
Dr Carl Watkins
  • University Senior Lecturer in Central Medieval History
Dr Ruth Watson
  • University Lecturer in African History
Dr Teresa Webber
  • Lecturer in Palaeography
01223 3 39924
Professor Joachim Whaley, LittD, FRHistS
  • Professor of German History and Thought
01223 332454
Dr Samantha Williams
  • University Senior Lecturer in Local and Regional History
  • Bye Fellow in History Girton College
Dr Philip Wood
  • Osborn Fellow in early medieval history
Dr David Woodman
  • Fellow and Tutor of Robinson College, Director of Studies in History